Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Shape, Color and Texture Oh My...

I love, love, love taking pictures...

Sometimes I wonder if I should have been a photographer. My education was in graphic design, where I was first introduced to the camera. Photography was a large part of the curriculum and I learned everything old school in the darkroom. I didn't go further with it because I hated the chemicals (if I had only known the digital age was literally around the corner). 

What my graphic design education really taught me, above all things, was to really “see” the world around me. Really look at things for their form and characteristics. I see objects as line, shape, color, texture and pattern before I really see what the object is. For this way of observing the world, I have the deepest gratitude toward my professors at The University of the Arts. 

I love taking pictures of nature, but I really love taking pictures of things like sidewalk cracks, rusty objects and unusual shadows. My favorite is peeling paint. When I am out with my friends sometimes they look behind and wonder where I am. I am usually back a half of a block taking a picture of something that inspires me. Most of them now know not to worry, Ilene’s just taking pictures, she’ll catch up. 

The photographs above are a collection of six shots I took of peeling paint. I wanted to do something with them for the longest time. Then one day I mentioned in conversation to someone “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” and it hit me... “Its all about what’s underneath.” The peeling paint layers were perfect for the message I wanted to convey so with a little help from Photoshop, I created this series to hang in our dining room. 

I continue to take lots of pictures wherever I go, sometimes too many, thanks to the age of digital. I weed through my library and upload the ones I like to Flickr, my online portfolio, so I always have them for inspiration wherever I am. Here’s a link to my Flickr portfolio.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Organized Chaos, The Art of Still Life

One of the nicest things I often hear is “your house is such a home, so warm and friendly”. I truly love my house, I sit in my kitchen or living room, look around at everything I see, and it makes me happy. That’s basically my decorating philosophy, collecting objects that I fall in love with. Some people may feel it’s cluttered, but I call it “organized chaos. Every piece I find at either a garage sale or a store, is something that speaks to me. When I come home with my little treasures I find a place for them in some existing grouping, still life or I create a new one. When I walk into someones home that is clean, crisp, and minimalistic, I really do love and appreciate it, but I couldn’t live it... I need that mixed up, boho style... I guess I would call that my brand of eclectic.

One of my mantras is a quote by Jonathon Adler, “Don’t worry about so-called rules. If you love it, it will work.” If you fall in love with an old vintage chair, a shabby chic buffet, or an ultra cool modern piece of decor, but your house isn’t really that style, you can make it work. That’s basically what eclectic is to me. Piecing together all different styles, patterns, colors and vibes. I believe if it’s something you love, it will go with all the other things you love. Simple as that!

I have mini groupings all over my house, collections of sea shells, pottery, candles, etc. I remember once, we had friends come visit who hadn’t been to our home in years. As they pulled up, they realized they didn’t remember the house number. Just as they were about to call, my friend says to her husband, “Oh that’s Ilene’s house, look in the bay window.” She knew as soon as she saw the grouping of glass sculptures that she was at the right place.

I also have had people come into my house who have been there a million times say to me, “Is that new?”. And I say no I just rearranged the furniture...AGAIN! I do it all the time. I move pieces around the house constantly. It makes my family a little crazy at times. There are days that I may bring home one small vase from a garage sale and it’s like a domino effect... I find the perfect spot, which in turn starts a redesign of some sort. 

I used the same styling philosophy when I worked on display cases for a small jewelry shop and also when setting up my booths at craft shows. No two shows were ever alike. Each show was unique and called for different types of setups, different types of still life'sBelow is a link from my website that shows displays and booth set ups from various craft shows I have done and some shots of my studio space.

Decorating with color, texture and miscellaneous objects that have character, inspire me. Some people may call this clutter, but to me, it’s beautiful organized chaos, and I love it! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Karma is a Bitch!

And she's always watching...

I’ve sort of been feeling like “let bygones be bygones” these days. Life is too short to hold on to grudges. If someone did something stupid that made you mad, just let it go. If they really wronged you, just cut them out of your life, you don’t need that kind of negative energy. 

I feel like Karma takes care of all our foes in its own way, why should we waste our good energy? Just trust the universe and if those people are deserving of some shit, they’ll get it. Karma sees everything and she’s a bitch!

Here's a link to a great Facebook Page I follow and love. It
is full of positivity...Tiny Buddha.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Maybe I'll give it another try!

A Little Art Before Breakfast Last Week

I've been thinking of starting up my blog again, it's been so long. I have always felt the pressure of keeping up, writing every day about something new and exciting. I think my expectations for myself were too high. Maybe if I start off small with a weekly post until I feel more comfortable writing, I'll be able to do it this time around. I am much better visually which is why I have been using Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook instead of a blog. I know a blog is a good hub for things I want to share amongst all those platforms, so here we go again! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

For Now, Goodbye Blog, Hello Facebook!

OK I'm a terrible blogger. It has been almost six months since I blogged. No matter how I plan or try I never seem to do it. I have good intentions, really I do, but I find it a very difficult chore. I have decided instead to post daily on my Facebook page. It's a more manageable option for me and much easier not to skip… maybe because I'm a visual person and not a writer. Anyway, this will be my last blog post for a while. I do plan on tackling it again in the future, but for now you can find daily happenings on Facebook.

Live a handmade life…..
Ilene Price

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ilene Price Design's Mother's Day Mandala will be included in The Artisan Group's 2013 Mother's Day Celebrity Gift Bag!

Love You Mom!

Don't forget Mother's Day this Sunday!

As with my Earth Day mandala, my Mother's Day mandala will be included, along with other artists, in a gift bag to be distributed to high profile celebrities on Mother's Day. The Artisan Group sends these bags to a Hollywood PR firm who then delivers them directly to the celebrities. Inside the bag is a booklet that explains who each artist is and a picture of their artwork that is included. 

The celebrities that will receive the gift bags this year are Megan Fox, Snooki, Jennifer Nettles, Giuliana Rancic, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Vanessa Lachey, Anna Faris, Claire Danes, Fergie, Jessica Simpson, Shakira, Holly Madison, Hillary Scott, Busy Philipps, Jenna Dewan, Kristen Bell, Gisele Bündchen, Kim Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, Evan Rachel Wood, Sara Rue, Lisa Ling, Malin Ackerman, Maya Rudolph, and Penélope Cruz. 

When I began thinking of what I wanted to draw for this print, I knew right away I wanted to create a bright colored flower mandala that had a heart in the center. Flowers are a recurrent theme in my artwork. I was very pleased with the way it turned out and I hope you do too. I paired it with an anonymous quote I found, which is new for me. My work usually has a simple tagline like "Be Joyful". I enjoyed looking for quotes to go with my art and am planning on using more of them in the future.

My mini celebrity prints are printed on recycled paper, matted in cranberry colored mats and wrapped in teal handmade rice paper envelopes. Each is tied with raffia and affixed with a sticker. Also included in the package is a business card and a two-sided bio card just as I did for Earth Day. My print is currently available in my Etsy shop as an 8x10 matted print (5x7 image in an 8x10 mat). 

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Learning and Re-inventing

You are never too old to learn...

Over the year I have been doing a lot of soul searching about my artwork and business. I love doodling and creating my mandalas, but I definitely have gotten in a rut as far as producing products with my artwork. Being a one woman show, I have done so much repetitious production that I forgot the joy of drawing and creating. I needed to reconnect with my inner artist... the voice that called me to start this adventure in the first place.

In December I found a wonderful three part online course given by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nichols on surface and pattern design. Pattern design has always intrigued me and I have wanted for a while now to explore ways to use my art as repeats for fabric, stationery etc. The first part of the e-course was about learning how to be creative again, sketching and inspiration, which I so desperately needed. I was excited for the first time in a long time. The second part of the course was more technical on how to take your designs and sketches and get them into the computer to manipulate. I learned so much and created some cool repeats. I also learned about trends in the marketplace both here and all over the world. The third part of the e-course starts at the end of the month and is geared towards monetizing and marketing my work. I can't wait. Below is an example of a collection I created for one of the exercises. You can find more on my website and Flickr account. I am working on finding my own signature style that stands out from the crowd using my mandalas and doodles.

Time to reinvent myself a little...

While I was getting all excited about my new course, I began looking at my own identity and branding that I have been using. I decided it was time for a little facelift to freshen up what I had. I wanted the logo to look more fun and whimsical like my work, while still keeping a familiar look. After I liked what I came up with I began recreating all of the banners for Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, this Blog etc. to coordinate.

By far the most exciting part of this transformation is completely redoing my website. I had used iWeb before, which no longer works on my new Mac. This time, with the help of my son to get it started, I created a fun, clean website I am proud of in Adobe Muse. It links to everything, my online social accounts, online shops and is a portfolio of all of my work, from doodles to graphic design. I'm very excited! It still needs some tweaking but I hope to launch it any day now.