Saturday, May 7, 2011

Starting to Plan...

Starting to Plan...

Happy Saturday to everyone! I had a wonderful morning perusing a huge "gently used" sale and found some cool little knick knacks! It was much needed. I spent the last week mostly indoors planning and organizing myself for the Emmy swag bags. Yesterday I ordered most of the supplies and samples I need to start production. I printed out a blank calendar to keep myself on track because I really have to plan each day; there just aren't enough hours! 

As I've said before, the social networking is a big part of this process. I spend a good hour or so a day, checking Facebook, Twitter, various Blogs etc. It sounds frivolous to one who doesn't do it (I used to be one of those people), but it is an amazing marketing tool for small businesses like me. The more I connect and tweet and follow, the more people do the same to me and see my work. And hopefully new business will come from it.

There were many exciting things this week... I hit the 100 fans milestone on my Facebook page, woohoo! I sent quite a few press releases out this week and the local "Alternative Press", a online paper, published it. The "Livingston Patch", another local online source emailed me back with some more questions and are going to run a story on me. Other member's of our group have been getting local press coverage as well. It's really all kind of surreal!

I can't blog a lot today, because it's Saturday, family time, but I didn't have a chance yesterday. My last words are a question for all of you. Would you like to win some celebrity swag? Well here's your first chance! The Artisan Group is running a three Twitter Parties. The first one is May 11th. Answer some fun trivia and you will have the opportunity to win something a celeb will get from our swag bags! Here's the link with more information:

And of course... Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!

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