Thursday, April 21, 2011



Juggling everything in life definitely is a challenge. I would call myself a very organized person, but I can't seem to always organize my time the way I would like to. I'll spend too hours on a task that should have been done in half the time. Sometimes it's because it has to be done just right (my anal retentive, perfectionist genes kick in) or I'm procrastinating the next thing on my to do list. And boy do I have lists! I am the queen of lists and lists of lists... That's the only way I can function. There's "To Do" lists for my home, my kids, my errands, etc. I try to keep them on this iPad or my phone digitally, but I love scribbling notes and having little scraps of paper. Maybe it's the creative hands-on person I am. I like to touch things. It took me forever to keep a digital calendar, but I have to say I love it now. And as for reading, I am am getting used to reading my book club books digitally, but thats it. I still want tons of books around me to hold like cookbooks, art books, how to books.

So back to lists... I have so many new lists these days for my new business ventures. They span from social media (like update my blog) to my orders, email lists, ideas for my Primetime Emmy Swag Bags, cleaning my studio and so on.... Oh, and I can't forget, CREATE! Sometimes I get caught up in everything else, I forget to be creative, even if I only have time for a quick doodle.

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